“Contemplation” – Exhibition by Kathryn Thomas


Kathryn Thomas



What do you think you can see?

‘Contemplation’ – what do you think you can see? is Kathryn’s brand new exhibition inspired by her 2015 Cuban adventures. The pastel flavoured, ethereal paintings combine the energy of a tropical rainstorm with the dazzle of a post-monsoon, humid-heavy, blisteringly hot light alongside skies whose colours blend with almost unnoticeable subtlety and the vibrant range of blues of the bath-hot Caribbean.

For 30 years, Kathryn has been producing highly emotive oil paintings which have ranged in their intensity from thunderously dramatic to cotton gloved softness; the only constant being her refusal to tell the viewer what she wishes them to see.  Some of her works may be more suggestive than others but her aim is that her viewers immerse themselves into the painting, spend time contemplating and finally allow themselves to express their vision.  So, what do you think you can see?

We look forward to seeing you and hearing about what you think you can see in Kathryns paintings.
What do you think you can see?

1st to 15th May 2016
11:00am to 5:00pm daily